Liked on YouTube: How To STOP Hitting The Ground Behind Golf Ball!

How To STOP Hitting The Ground Behind Golf Ball!
How To Stop Hitting The Ground Behind Golf Ball. Learn how to stop hitting behind the golf ball at

This video will show you a couple of drills that will help you stop hitting the ground on your downswing.

There can be a number of circumstances involved in it, but let’s focus on the two major elements and see if these give you a little bit of insight and help you progress in this area.

Number 1, weight too far back. Now we certainly don’t advocate getting your head in front of the golf ball as you hit it, but I can assure you, great players when they hit irons, if you drew a line up from the ball, that ball is more in line with their right hip than it is with their left hip.

You really need to be on your left side. That is such an important thing in terms of hitting the ground further over to the left.

The second thing, and you can have a combination of these things certainly, is the tendency to straighten this wrist too early. What that does is it widens the swing ark, and prematurely the club reaches the ground back here.

If my right wrist is bent, the club would never actually reach the ground. That narrows the circumference of my swing.

Any combination you can get where your weight is further to the left, again head would be fairly stationary and centered, and that your wrists are more cocked later in the downswing.

This is going to give you clearance from the ground and make you hit the ground after the ball.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson about how to stop hitting the ground behind the golf ball. If you want to learn more about SGA please visit our website or follow us though the links below.




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